SEO & Link Building for Dating Websites

Search engine optimization has become much more challenging recently after Google’s Penguin and Panda updates. In the past, it was all about getting thousands of backlinks to your site and repeating target keywords. However, in the last few years, Google has made many significant updates to its ranking Algorithm. SEO for a dating site has also become much more challenging.

There are several things to check on your website before presenting it to Google.

Target keyword & its synonyms placement:

You need to make sure your landing page mentions the target keyword that you want to rank for, as much as possible such as within:

– The content

– Meta title and description

– The headings

– The URL

It is also good idea to add synonyms of that target keyword. For example, if you want to rank for “UK dating”, add this keyword to the content and possibly “dating in the United Kingdom” too.

Last but not least, don’t forget about long-tail keywords. It is accepted that it is easier to rank for long-tail keywords and they would have higher conversion rate. If you are targeting “disabled dating”, consider targeting keywords like “deaf people dating in the UK”, “deaf people dating in London”, etc.

To Index Dating Members’ Profile Pages or Not? Members can bring you SEO traffic

If you let Google index your member profile pages, as long as it is within the terms & conditions, this could potentially bring you a lot of traffic. However, if you are going to do that you should ensure that member profile pages have enough content. Because, having too many similar pages might cause duplicate content issues that Google hate! Therefore, you might consider indexing the profile pages which have most of the profile sections filled and enough textual description about the member.

When you decide to index Profile pages, ensure the following points:

– Create a unique Meta title & description for each member page for example;

Title: <Member’s Nickname>, <Member’s Sex>, <Member’s Location>, <Your Brand>

Description: Do you want to meet <Member’s Nickname> or other <Member’s Sex> in <Member’s Location> area? Join <Your Brand> Now for Free!

– Make sure profile pages have enough content; you might think about creating a new member group for those members who filled all the sections and have written at least 200 words about themselves, and letting Google index only those profile pages. You will need to speak to your web developer for this.

Create Content Pages for Target Keyword Groups

You probably have tons of keywords you want to rank for and you cannot target all these keywords just at the homepage. Therefore, we advise you to create unique pages about your diverse target keywords. Some points to consider:

– Create content pages for group of keywords which are similar; don’t create keyword for each keyword. For example, you can create a page about dating for Londoners, London dating, dating in London, etc.

– Again, ensure your Meta title, descriptions are written cleverly adding your target keywords within

– Try to link to those content pages from the homepage, so that your homepage’s authority helps content page to be indexed faster and rank better.

Link building; building trust

Link building is a very challenging task for several dating sites, as it is not that easy to find sites which will naturally link to your site. Google is penalizing tons of sites every day for unnatural link building practices such as buying links, getting links from adult sites or very low quality sites, or link farms, excessive anchor text linking, etc.

Link building should be done very carefully not to risk any penalization from Google. Some important tips on your link building strategy:

– Get links from relevant sites, such as dating and relationship blogs, or highly authority sites

– Be careful in getting links from dating directories; there are tons of paid dating directories out there. However, their impact is usually very low or sometimes they have toxic affect in your SEO, as many of these directories are known to sell links and include lot of adult links as well.

– Create keyword variety in your anchor texts in link building. This is very vital, as many sites which have high percentage of same anchor text links, are penalized by Google’s Penguin update. Make sure that your links point to your site naturally. Anchor texts should have a good mix, for example; 50% of links have your URL as anchor text, 10% of them have your target keywords and its synonyms, 10% have your target keyword + URL or your brand.

– Get links only from good sites; sites to target for getting links should have a mix of PageRank and should have Domain Authority of 20+ (Moz.com criteria), Trust Score of 15+ (MajesticSEO criteria). And such sites should not be selling links blatantly.

Fatih Gulgonul (https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=5497436) is the Director of http://site-media.co.uk which offers SEO services to the dating websites.

Full-time Link Builder

Hire a full-time link builder & part-time manager for £1500 a month (all inclusive)

– Under the project management and direction of a very experienced SEO (You will benefit ¼ of his employment time)

– 160 hours a month (full-time) employment of a 100% dedicated link builder

– 40 hours a month (part-time) employment of an experienced SEO

– Fluent/Native English speakers (other languages possible)

– Experienced in natural, white hat link building

100% reachable and controllable by you!

– S/he will be all day, 9:00 till 18:00, full-time reachable with live skype webcam

– His/her workstation (PC and files) is accessible by you 24 hours

Your dedicated link builder will:

  • Pursue only links that are created by other site owners as a form of editorial endorsement
  • Target reputable sites containing in related industries, containing related content
  • Seek primarily branded anchor text links
  • Prioritize links from sites of highly-trusted domain extensions (e.g. .gov, .edu)

Your dedicated link builder will never:

  • Build a link manually that does not require editorial endorsement from the website owner
  • Pay for a link (via cash or other form of payment)
  • Offer or agree to exchange a link with another webmaster
  • Request a link from a website in a totally unrelated industry
  • Request a link from a website that’s in a bad neighborhood (identified by spammy sites linking to it)
  • Accept a link that we feel puts our client at any risk of future penalty

Monthly reporting deliverable

Your dedicated link builder will deliver a monthly report at the start of each month documenting:

  • Complete list of all websites outreached
  • List of all links successfully acquired through our outreach
  • Domain Authority (DA) of all new linking domains
  • Anchor text distribution

 No hassle of tax, employment laws, personnel management!

You can give up any time, because we are 100% confident that your dedicated link builder and manager will deliver 100% satisfaction and you will want to employ for long…

Cheaper than all Options

hire link builder

Business Development Executive (Flexible Location)

We need an experienced native or fluent English speaker to bring new clients to use Site Media services, mostly SEO manual link building services. You will be making cold and warm calls to potential clients to introduce Site Media’s white hat SEO link building packages. In return, we would like to offer you an uncapped commission on revenues from new clients for the duration of the contract.

SEO Web Marketing Team Manager Riga Latvia

Please email your cv to adamfgul@gmail.com .

We are looking for an experienced internet marketing to manage a team of internet / SEO marketing.


– All round knowledge and experience of all internet marketing techniques; SEO, PPC, Affiliate, Domain names, but especially SEO link building

– Proven experience in SEO link building

– Very good English spoken & writing skills

– Proven skills in css, html and preferably php

Multilingual Web Customer Service Riga Latvia

Please email your cv to adamfgul@gmail.com .

We need part-time or full-time people who has native fluency in the following languages:

– Serbian, Albanian, Bosnian languages

– Arabic

– Greek

– Italian

– Pakistani languages

– Romanian

– French, Dutch and German

Please get in touch if you are a speaker of those languages .


Trainee Internet Marketing Executives

Please email your cv to adamfgul@gmail.com .

Do you love to surfing on the internet & learn online marketing skills?

If yes, we are offering a great opportunity to newly graduates to learn skills in online marketing (search engine optimisation, google advertising, web).


– Fluent spoken english

– Very good English writing skills

– Excellent office word & excel skills

Desirable but not necessary:

– multilingual in russian, polish, turkish, other languages

– any web design skills such as css, html, php

– blogging experience

– marketing experience

Web Research & Content Writer

Please email your cv to adamfgul@gmail.com .

We need a passionate web researcher and writer to join our team. Your duties:

– Research the topics given

– Write articles and posts on blogs

– Paraphrase useful articles


– Very good command of written English

– Able to type fast

– Good web research skills

SEO Services Prices

Our prices usually depend on each project, but generally speaking we like to charge much less than those UK or USA SEO agencies.

In a typical link building project, our charge depends on how many outreaches you want (how many website, which could potentially link to your site, you want us to outreach).

SEO packages prices

Definition of Outreach

A relevant and authority website contacted by us with a request to add our client’s site into their page as a useful link or as a reference. Usually outreaches are email messages or contact forms filled to reach websites which are in our client’s industry and fulfill our criteria to be valuable backlinks.

Our Fees

Hourly Rate £12.50
Outreaches per hour 25
Outreaches per day (8 Hours) 200
Outreaches per Month (20 working days) 4000
Total Working Hours in a Month 160
Total Charge £2,000
cost per Outreach £0.50

Manual Link  Building Packages

Outreach Packages (Monthly)
Number of Outreaches Fee Hours Worked
We will research & email/contact/call 1000 relevant websites asking for a link to your site
£500 40
We will research & email/contact/call 2000 relevant websites asking for a link to your site
£1,000 80
We will research & email/contact/call 4000 relevant websites asking for a link to your site
£2,000 160


Read what our clients recommendations and feel free to contact any of our clients direct to see what they say about us.

Our Projects with Interconnective:

Interconnective Limited, is a UK based company supplying law enforcement and security products supplier, with associate operations in South Africa and Australia.

Logue Corporate focuses on the acquisition of security companies and cleaning companies on behalf of selected clients. Logue Corporate also provides Strategic Consultancy and Media Relations services.

Infologue.com is an information service and has been supplying news and views on the UK manned security sector since 1997.

Our Projects with Aeguana:

Horizons University in Paris offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in various fields entirely by distance. Degrees can be completed in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese & Chinese.

Biotex is the leading producer of wood sawdust briquettes in the North of Brazil. Their high quality briquettes are made from super dry hardwood sawdust, which has been collected from their own factories producing finished products such as sold hardwood flooring, decking, window & door components.


Have a look at our featured graphic designs and internet projects. Just to give you an idea of what we can do.

Horizons University

Horizons University in Paris offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in various fields entirely by distance. They had an intention to modernise the look & feel of their website along with building a robust and easy-to-use CMS to support multilingual content. Site Media was up to the challenge.

Nickolson Estate Agents

Nickolson is an independent Estate Agency offering Sales, Lettings and Comprehensive Property Management in Ealing and its surrounding areas. Site Media was asked to recreate the company image to fit in more luxury sector.

Conference Calls on Review

The voice conferencing industry continues to grow year on year and in almost all countries it’s dominated by major telecommunications operators. However, in the UK competition is fierce with many players all vying for top position. Site Media was to create design, logo and build a review engine to show how the companies differ in this industry.

Infologue.com — Manned Security e-Zine

Infologue.com was the first security industry internet news provider and has consistently been at the forefront of using innovative methods in dispensing the latest news to the security industry. Infologue approached Site Media to provide a scalable solution for back-end publishing system and also redesign Infologue website to comply with new business objectives.

Red Square International website

Red Square International’s objective was to have a modern corporate look and feel and a high-level of usability for their new website. They asked Site Media to redesign a website and develop an intuitive easy to use back-end to manage vacancies.

Biotex Briquetes — eco friendly website

Biotex is the leading producer of wood sawdust briquettes in the North of Brazil. Their high quality briquettes are made from super dry hardwood sawdust, which has been collected from their own factories producing finished products such as sold hardwood flooring, decking, window & door components. Biotex approached Site Media to develop a multilingual website to promote their product and to show the advantages of using biotex briquetes in different industries.

Pro-Fit Construction

Pro-fit Construction specializes in full interior fit out and facade solutions. They asked Site Media to develop corporate branding, which Pro-Fit can use on the website, brochures and business cards and also workers uniform. Site Media were up for the challenge.

Buchach Cheese Making Plant

Buchach Cheese Making Plant is the leader among dairy enterprises in Western Ukraine and is among the best enterprises of the Ukrainian dairy industry. Buchach Plant approached Site Media to develop an entirely new website to introduce their products to Ukranian, Russian and European markets.

Interconnective website

Interconnective Limited is a UK based company supplying law enforcement and security products supplier, with associate operations in South Africa and Australia. Interconnective had 7 product lines of security products (some of them had their own websites) which they wanted to combine into one big corporate website with strict guidelines for products presentation.