Full-time Link Builder

Hire a full-time link builder & part-time manager for £1500 a month (all inclusive)

– Under the project management and direction of a very experienced SEO (You will benefit ¼ of his employment time)

– 160 hours a month (full-time) employment of a 100% dedicated link builder

– 40 hours a month (part-time) employment of an experienced SEO

– Fluent/Native English speakers (other languages possible)

– Experienced in natural, white hat link building

100% reachable and controllable by you!

– S/he will be all day, 9:00 till 18:00, full-time reachable with live skype webcam

– His/her workstation (PC and files) is accessible by you 24 hours

Your dedicated link builder will:

  • Pursue only links that are created by other site owners as a form of editorial endorsement
  • Target reputable sites containing in related industries, containing related content
  • Seek primarily branded anchor text links
  • Prioritize links from sites of highly-trusted domain extensions (e.g. .gov, .edu)

Your dedicated link builder will never:

  • Build a link manually that does not require editorial endorsement from the website owner
  • Pay for a link (via cash or other form of payment)
  • Offer or agree to exchange a link with another webmaster
  • Request a link from a website in a totally unrelated industry
  • Request a link from a website that’s in a bad neighborhood (identified by spammy sites linking to it)
  • Accept a link that we feel puts our client at any risk of future penalty

Monthly reporting deliverable

Your dedicated link builder will deliver a monthly report at the start of each month documenting:

  • Complete list of all websites outreached
  • List of all links successfully acquired through our outreach
  • Domain Authority (DA) of all new linking domains
  • Anchor text distribution

 No hassle of tax, employment laws, personnel management!

You can give up any time, because we are 100% confident that your dedicated link builder and manager will deliver 100% satisfaction and you will want to employ for long…

Cheaper than all Options

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