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Our Projects with Interconnective:

Interconnective Limited, is a UK based company supplying law enforcement and security products supplier, with associate operations in South Africa and Australia.

Logue Corporate focuses on the acquisition of security companies and cleaning companies on behalf of selected clients. Logue Corporate also provides Strategic Consultancy and Media Relations services.

Infologue.com is an information service and has been supplying news and views on the UK manned security sector since 1997.

Our Projects with Aeguana:

Horizons University in Paris offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in various fields entirely by distance. Degrees can be completed in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese & Chinese.

Biotex is the leading producer of wood sawdust briquettes in the North of Brazil. Their high quality briquettes are made from super dry hardwood sawdust, which has been collected from their own factories producing finished products such as sold hardwood flooring, decking, window & door components.