Web Development

With our focus on high-standard usability, creativity and scrupulous attention to detail, we are committed to deliver an immaculate quality across all our web projects and achive measurable business results for our clients.

Exquisite Visual Design

In order to create unique design for your web project we take you through a fascinating process: from mood boards and design briefs with wireframes and sketches to worked up design concepts and final versions. But design doesn’t stop when final release is signed-off — our designers then work in conjunction with our developers to map out exactly how each element of the end product should look and behave on user’s screen. It is a crucial part of the delivery that makes adding new content fast and simple.

Focused on Users

We are passionate for creating web sites and interfaces that work intuitively. Good usability keeps customers focused on the service and the product. Remember, if user is experiencing difficulties on your web site — he leaves. We have intention to develop web sites that people love to use. To achive this goal we use solid information architecture, focus-groups and modern analytics such as ClickTracks and Google Analytics.

Commited to Open Source

Over the long-term proprietary business models that seek to create demand by exclusivity are doomed to failure when competing against the shared resource model of open source. Sharing knowledge, information and opportunity helps to create flexible and comprehensive products. The majority of websites developed by Site Media are built using open source software such as PHP, Zend Framework, WordPress, and mySQL — for our clients it means that their software is always up-to-date, easy to extend and maintain.

Web Standards Compliant

The Web was invented as a communications tool intended to allow anyone, anywhere to share information. One of web standards primary goals is to make websites available to all people, whatever their hardware, software, network infrastructure, native language, culture, geographical location, or physical or mental ability. Producing standards-compliant web sites help us ensure not only that traditional browsers, old and new, will all be able to present sites properly, but also that they will be easily accessed and indexed by search engines.

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