Buy Social Signals

If you are looking for empowering your website with hundreds of social signals that you can buy via a few social media companies, you should be careful in doing that. Just buying hundreds of social media likes or shares will not put your site on top of search engines, but will help your sites’ pages indexed better and supposedly will help your SEO link building work to a certain extent.

There is no direct effect of social signals such as Facebook likes, Twitter shares, Pinterest pins, Google+, Digg votes, etc. But, what they do is simply to let search engines know that your site is an active site and admired by many people. Therefore, we would advise you to buy social signals considering such advantages, especially if you don’t have much time to build a detailed social media strategy.

Such signals will come from a variety of social media sites that Google usually trusts and will be a mix of real and fake account holders which will be aged. So, those shares, likes, pins will send signals to search engines that your site is approved by individuals as well.

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