Higher Education Marketing

We provide offline and online educational marketing services for higher education institutions such as colleges, universities, private schools and language schools. We are able to help you with our vast experience in education marketing to recruit more students and applicants to your programs.

Higher education marketing is a delicate process in which various online marketing channels are utilized in addition to offline marketing channels. Students nowadays spend significant time online. Therefore, we decided to specialize in using online channels to attract more interest for the education institutions we represent.

higher education marketing

Recruiting students can be a challenging task if you don’t have a team of dedicated marketers. Therefore, we developed some essential marketing programs for education institutions. We can get more inquiries from potential students via:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Link building:

You can expect to rank at Google for the keywords your potential students are searching

  • Pay Per Click Marketing (AdWords, Bing AdCenter, Yandex and also other local networks):

Your website will be at first page at search engines in a day, for the keywords your potential students are searching

  • Display Advertising at high traffic sites

We will find relevant websites to place your banners to attract prospective students

  • Affiliate Marketing

We can find education agencies who can market your institution.

  • Social Media

Advertise and promote your school at Facebook and local social media sites.

  • Web content translation and copywriting

We can translate your site pages into several other languages.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your Turkish marketing requirements and strategy.