SEO Training & Courses

Do you need to know essential and practical information on how to rank your site better at Google and other search engines? Do your web or marketing managers need the knowledge on SEO to make your website more prominent at search engines?

Then, you can benefit from our SEO training and courses in Riga, Latvia. Our SEO expert, Fatih Gulgonul, will explain you all the fundamentals and advanced techniques for search engine optimisation.

Fatih Gulgonul is an ex-Google employee who worked in several industries in web marketing and SEO projects such as Google, HSBC, Vodafone and Microsoft where he developed internal SEO reference sources and tools.

Please contact us for individual and group SEO courses which can be given at our premises or at yours. It is possible to give training in Riga, Latvia or Estonia, Lithunaia, Belarus or Russia.

SEO training courses